Telephone, Media and Legal Consultation Policy

The Center for Internet and Technology Addiction, in conjunction with The Healing Center, LLC, receives numerous requests for advice, information and consultations on a variety of topics. Due to the great number of calls and emails we receive, we are not able to provide email or telephone consultations or advice at no charge. Whenever possible, we will attempt to respond to your emails, inquiries and requests for assistance at our earliest convenience.

If you are seeking a personal, professional consultation with Dr. Greenfield or a member of his staff, please contact us by email at Dr. Greenfield or one of his staff members will contact you to arrange for a telephone consultation or appointment. In many cases, this assistance can provide you with information and guidance that can be helpful in knowing how, when and where to seek out further assistance from local professionals.

In addition, Dr. Greenfield or his staff may serve as consultants to your local mental health professionals by providing guidance or information about internet use or abuse. Since there are a limited number of individuals with expertise in the area of internet use, abuse and addiction, a telephone consultation can be of great assistance. When you contact our office, we can explain our fee procedures to you. Typically a Master Card or Visa can be used to pay for the consultation. These fees need to be prepaid to hold your appointment time once it is scheduled. The appointments vary in length, but are typically arranged on a 45 or 90 minute basis. A prearranged telephone number is provided for you to call at the assigned time. Unfortunately we are not always able to answer all general information inquiries with regard to internet use and behavior. We might refer you to our web site or other publications to assist you in that end. We thank you for your time and hope we can provide you with assistance in your situation. We are aware that your situation and circumstances may be very sensitive and highly emotional. We are mindful of how important these concerns are to you. Please don’t hesitate to utilize this personal telephone consultation service, as it can be very helpful in time of need. For more information on Dr. Greenfield’s background and expertise, please see our Press Room page. If you are from the media or press, please indicate so in an email to to arrange for a possible interview with Dr. Greenfield or one of his staff. If your media or educational inquiry is of an urgent nature, please call our office at 860-561-8727 and leave a detailed message indicating the nature of your request.