Technology Addiction

A Guide to Recognize and Deal With Technology Addiction in Our Lives

Michael Shelby

Technology Addiction Centers (TAC) brings certified, professional and evidence-based expertise to address all forms of technology addiction including computer gaming, online gambling, “mindless surfing” and pornography.

More than a leading authority on technology addiction, the TAC team uniquely treats individuals without judgement to help them confidently overcome addiction and achieve recovery.

In addition to offering results-driven therapy, TAC also conducts intensives, workshops and consultations.

About the Book

Technology Addiction

This book is for those suffering or have a loved one suffering from internet addiction. Whether it’s gaming, social media, shopping, or porn, internet addiction is a disease that is the same as addiction to a substance or a certain behavior. It can’t be cured but it can be arrested. This book is a book of hope, vision, trust, faith, hard work, and persistence. This is a guide to help you understand and deal with internet addiction. It’s a road map for those who want to recover.


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