Michael Shelby - About Us

Technology Addiction Center (TAC) provides an innovative approach to technology addiction treatment. Technology addiction can include problems with computer gaming, online gambling, compulsive shopping, pornography and “mindless surfing”. Our Licensed Professional Counselors have extensive backgrounds in technology and years of experience helping people recognize and recover from technology dependence and abuse. 

TAC counselors speak the language of technology and listen with empathy to understand your needs. We build personal and trusting relationships with our clients to create customized solutions. 

TAC counselors have had hands-on experience at the Center for Internet and Technology Addiction and Rushford Treatment Centers. They provide a specialized approach to guiding individuals through a tailored recovery process and helping those struggling and striving through every stage of technology abuse rehabilitation.

Feedback from Michael’s clients highlights his ability to relate with humor and compassion. Michael is deeply committed to helping people recover from technology addiction. Contact Technology Addiction Center at (866) -TECHADD or email info[@]technologyaddictioncenter.com to learn more or schedule a consultation.

Licensure & Qualifications

TAC Founder Michael Shelby earned his Master of Arts in Psychology from Northcentral University in 2019. His specialties include technology addiction, substance abuse, and behavioral health issues. His 30-year technology career makes him adept at installing, customizing, and monitoring appropriate content blocks on patients’ computers, home networks, and electronic devices.

Acknowledged as a leading expert in his field, Michael has appeared on CNN, MSNBC, The Today Show, and iHeart Radio. The Hartford Courant has featured articles about addiction programs Michael created for local high schools in his hometown of West Hartford, CT.