• Dr. Shelby offers consultations to evaluate and construct an action plan to address issues concerning Internet and personal technology overuse, abuse or addictive behaviors. In addition, he can provide information and resources to help you with your situation.

    • Dr. Shelby offers a variety of treatment approaches and strategies that combine the best of traditional psycho-therapeutic treatments with or without medication, along with newer, complementary approaches that can assist in changing addictive patterns and compulsions, reducing urges and cravings, and reestablishing self-control and self-confidence.

    • Through working closely with Dr. Shelby, you or your loved one can break the cycle of addiction or abuse and reconstruct a balanced, healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

    • Appointments are available in 45 minute increments. Intensive Outpatient Treatment is also available.

Phone & Skype Consultation

We are proud to announce our telephone and Skype consultation and counseling service. We launched this program as a way to respond to the many requests we receive for help with questions, concerns, information and guidance in dealing with online addiction and other Internet and technology problems. 

Consultations are typically 45 minutes and are arranged by email or telephone on an appointment basis. All sessions must be prepaid via credit and a receipt can be provided. You can email our office (info[@]technologyaddictioncenter.com) to arrange for an appointment with Dr. Shelby, or call us at (866) -TECHADD.