Boot Camp for Relationship Conflicts – Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program

Many relationships today are challenged due to any number of stressors – like careers, children and family demands. These challenges can either be met with a joint goal of managing them together via healthy and positive behavior, or you may find you are using a variety of techniques to avoid or numb yourself to the issue. You or your partner may use technology to either “check out” or, in extreme situations, to create significant relationships online. Technology use and abuse is becoming more common in the household and can add a new dimension to the relationship conflicts you are facing.

The concept of “boot camp” applied in psychotherapy might seem a bit intense. However, when we view relationships as the coming together of “recruits” with a similar goal and purpose, we can see that you and your partner are on the same team, despite any relationship conflicts you may be having. Like recruits joining a mission they are passionate about, couples usually begin with the same gusto. Great intentions, high hopes, attraction and desire fuel your conviction to join this concept of togetherness. For a time, the new venture runs like a well oiled machine. But relationships are not stagnant, and relationship conflicts may develop as time goes on. Children, careers, financial stressors and growth opportunities can all lead you to become disillusioned with each other or the relationship. And, as evidenced by the high divorce rate in this country, broken homes have far reaching affects on more than just the couple.

As we grow in partnership, we inevitably change. Sometimes we grow closer together, sometimes apart. This is why partnerships and marriages need constant tending. They need training. Retraining. And sometimes, they require intervention.

Goals of Boot Camp:

  • Experience a renewed feeling of intimacy and connection in your marriage or relationship.
  • Achieve greater sexual intimacy and satisfaction.
  • Learn to become best friends and lovers.
  • Reclaim the passion we all long for and go beyond typical unconscious relationship patterns.
  • Create a new relationship that actualizes healthy, conscious partnership.
  • Develop a whole new way of seeing your spouse or partner.
  • Discover your unconscious wounds that influence and limit your ability to connect and be intimate.
  • Learn to become a part of each other’s life and apart from one another with ease and comfort.
  • Develop exceptional communication skills that foster respect and compassion without giving up self.
  • Diminish co-dependent behavior and nurture interdependency.
  • Enjoy growth and change.


The Marital and Relationship Boot Camp treatment is based on Imago Relationship Therapy (IRT). Dr. Greenfield has been certified in IRT since 2001 and has successfully treated hundreds of couples using its techniques.  See what one couple had to say about their experience in Boot Camp.

Utilizing Imago Therapy® techniques, we help facilitate and repair communications between spouses or family members effectively and efficiently. The skills you learn during the intensive program will go on to serve you in managing relationship conflicts as well your overall happiness and well-being.

Please contact our office at (866)-TECHADD to determine if an IRT Boot Camp is the right choice for you.