Six ways to overcome smartphone addiction

PUNCH, 7 September 2017  We are living in an increasingly mobile-connected age. From a tool whose greatest utility was once tied around making calls and sending short messages, mobile phones have become indispensable gadgets that play multi-faceted roles including computing, banking, online shopping, virtual assistant, fitness coach, personal physician, news source, and compass. It has […]

Cal Newport’s Digital Detox Can Help Fight Your Screentime Addiction

In ‘Digital Minimalism,’ computer scientist Cal Newport argues that smartphones are robbing us of real-world connection. He also has a way to fix it. Technology improves our lives until it doesn’t. As our phones and internet connections provides us with access to everything — friends, family, knowledge, email, work, videos of people falling down — […]

How To Escape Your Phone’s Toxic Grasp In The Next 5 Minutes

by Niklas Göke, 21 March 2019  In an article titled Do Not Disturb: How I Ditched My Phone and Unbroke My Brain, tech columnist Kevin Roose describes how smartphone addiction feels: I found myself incapable of reading books, watching full-length movies or having long uninterrupted conversations. Social media made me angry and anxious, and even […]

5 ways to break a phone addiction and kickstart a digital detox

Vogue Australia – by Ana Morales, 12 September 2019 As soon as I wake up, I look at my phone.  I’ve written several articles on how not to use its alarm clock, so that I can avoid the temptation of checking it, but nothing works. For a few days, I convinced myself not to use […]